ANAND VIHAR TRM To Samastipur Jn Trains

Following is the list of all trains running between ANAND VIHAR TRM to Samastipur Jn Railway Stations:

TrainTrain NameOriginDepartureDestinationArrivalM TW TF S S
15909Abadh Assam ExpDelhi15:30Samastipur Jn15:25Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
15708Asr Kir ExpressSubzi Mandi14:39Samastipur Jn13:40Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
15910Avadh Assam ExpShakurbasti06:33Samastipur Jn07:20Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
12566Bihar S KrantiNew Delhi14:15Samastipur Jn10:00Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
12570Jyg Garib RathANAND VIHAR TRM16:55Samastipur Jn10:10N N Y N N N Y
12236Ndls Dbrg RjdhnNew Delhi09:25Samastipur Jn05:05N N Y N N N N
12524Ndls Njp Sf ExpNew Delhi15:05Samastipur Jn11:20Y N N Y N N N
14650Saryuyamuna ExpSubzi Mandi20:15Samastipur Jn21:05N Y N Y N N Y
14674Shaheed ExpSubzi Mandi20:15Samastipur Jn21:05Y N Y N Y Y N
12204Shc Garib RathNew Delhi11:10Samastipur Jn06:20Y N N Y N N Y
12562Swatantrta S ExNew Delhi20:35Samastipur Jn16:35Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
19601Udz Njp ExpDelhi Cantt14:02Samastipur Jn11:20N N N N N N Y
12554Vaishali ExpNew Delhi19:50Samastipur Jn15:55Y Y Y Y Y Y Y