ANAND VIHAR TRM To Shahjehanpur Trains

Following is the list of all trains running between ANAND VIHAR TRM to Shahjehanpur Railway Stations:

TrainTrain NameOriginDepartureDestinationArrivalM TW TF S S
15910Avadh Assam ExpShakurbasti06:33Shahjehanpur14:17Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
15116Dli Cpr ExpDelhi13:55Shahjehanpur23:17Y N N N N N N
14206Dli Fd ExpDelhi18:35Shahjehanpur01:02Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
15716Garib Nawaj ExpDelhi Cantt19:00Shahjehanpur02:35N Y Y N Y N N
14258Kashi V ExpressNew Delhi11:35Shahjehanpur18:10Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
12230Lucknow MailNew Delhi22:05Shahjehanpur04:00Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
12212Mfp Garib RathANAND VIHAR TRM20:55Shahjehanpur02:35N N N Y N N N
14208Padmavat ExpresDelhi19:50Shahjehanpur01:45Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
19269Pbr Motihari ExDelhi Cantt19:00Shahjehanpur02:35N N N N N Y Y
15280Poorabiya ExpAdrsh Ngr Delhi16:00Shahjehanpur23:17N Y N N N Y N
14018Sadbhavna ExpDelhi16:15Shahjehanpur23:30N N N Y N N N
14016Sadhbhawna ExpDelhi16:15Shahjehanpur23:30Y N N N N Y N
14008Sadhbhawna ExpDelhi16:15Shahjehanpur23:30N N Y N Y N N
14650Saryuyamuna ExpSubzi Mandi20:15Shahjehanpur03:30N Y N Y N N Y
15274Satyagrah ExpDelhi17:15Shahjehanpur00:43Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
14674Shaheed ExpSubzi Mandi20:15Shahjehanpur03:30Y N Y N Y Y N
12392Shramjevi N ExpNew Delhi13:10Shahjehanpur18:37Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
54076Sitapurcity PasDelhi23:50Shahjehanpur10:55Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
14014Sultanpur ExpDelhi16:15Shahjehanpur23:30N Y N N N N Y