Coimbatore Nrth To Warangal Trains

Following is the list of all trains running between Coimbatore Nrth to Warangal Railway Stations:

TrainTrain NameOriginDepartureDestinationArrivalM TW TF S S
22646Ahilyanagari ExCoimbatore Jn15:25Warangal09:20N N N N N N Y
12969Cbe Jaipur ExpCoimbatore Jn09:20Warangal03:15N N N N N Y N
22816Ers Bilaspur ExCoimbatore Jn13:35Warangal06:43N N N Y N N N
16359Ers Patna ExpCoimbatore Jn03:25Warangal23:50Y N N N N N N
16317Himsagar ExpCoimbatore Jn01:25Warangal19:40N N N N N N Y
12625Kerala ExpressCoimbatore Jn20:00Warangal13:00Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
22648Korba ExpressCoimbatore Jn15:25Warangal09:20N Y N N Y N N
16687Navyug ExpCoimbatore Jn00:45Warangal19:40N N Y N N N N
12645Nizamuddin ExpCoimbatore Jn23:20Warangal17:30N N N N N N Y
12643Nizamuddin ExpCoimbatore Jn23:20Warangal17:30N N Y N N N N
12522Raptisagar ExpCoimbatore Jn15:25Warangal09:20N N N N N Y N
12512Raptisagar ExpCoimbatore Jn15:25Warangal09:20Y N Y Y N N N
22620Ten Bilaspur ExCoimbatore Jn13:35Warangal06:43Y N N N N N N