Khurda Road Jn To Ongole Trains

Following is the list of all trains running between Khurda Road Jn to Ongole Railway Stations:

TrainTrain NameOriginDepartureDestinationArrivalM TW TF S S
12254Anga ExpressKhurda Road Jn06:45Ongole20:59N N N N Y N N
12830Bbs Chennai ExpKhurda Road Jn12:35Ongole03:31N N N N Y N N
12898Bbs Pdy ExpressKhurda Road Jn12:35Ongole03:31N N Y N N N N
22871Bbs Tpty ExpresKhurda Road Jn12:35Ongole03:51Y N N N N N N
22879Bbs Tpty Sup ExKhurda Road Jn12:35Ongole03:51N N N N N N Y
15930Dbrg Ms ExpressKhurda Road Jn23:30Ongole14:08N N Y N N N N
15902Dbrg Sbc ExpresKhurda Road Jn08:45Ongole23:38Y N N N N N N
06335Ghy Kcvl SpeciaKhurda Road Jn06:20Ongole23:10N N N N N Y N
12660Gurudev ExpressKhurda Road Jn07:30Ongole22:55N N N N Y N N
15630Guwahati Ms ExpKhurda Road Jn23:30Ongole14:08N N N N N N Y
22614Hlz Mas Sup ExpKhurda Road Jn19:40Ongole11:40N N N N N N Y
12839Hwh Mas MailKhurda Road Jn07:10Ongole22:45Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
12663Hwh Tpj ExpressKhurda Road Jn23:30Ongole14:08Y N N N Y N N
12863Hwh Ypr ExpressKhurda Road Jn03:50Ongole18:56Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
12665Kannyakumari ExKhurda Road Jn23:30Ongole14:08N Y N N N N N
22851Maq Vivek ExpKhurda Road Jn22:45Ongole12:53N N N N Y N N
22612Njp Mas ExpressKhurda Road Jn17:55Ongole09:28N N N N N N Y
22605Prr Vm ExpresKhurda Road Jn19:40Ongole11:41N Y N N N N N
22859Puri Chennai ExKhurda Road Jn19:00Ongole09:28Y N N N N N N
17479Puri Tpty ExpKhurda Road Jn13:50Ongole10:44Y Y N Y Y Y N
22825Shm Mas Sf ExpKhurda Road Jn19:40Ongole11:41N N Y N N N N
22807Src Mas Ac ExpKhurda Road Jn02:00Ongole17:07N N N Y N N Y
02851Src Ers SplKhurda Road Jn22:45Ongole12:52N N N N N N Y
15906Vivek ExpressKhurda Road Jn17:55Ongole09:28N Y N N N N N