Najibabad Jn To Haridwar Jn Trains

Following is the list of all trains running between Najibabad Jn to Haridwar Jn Railway Stations:

TrainTrain NameOriginDepartureDestinationArrivalM TW TF S S
14115Ald Hw ExpNajibabad Jn12:20Haridwar Jn14:25N Y N Y N Y N
14265Bsb Ddn ExpNajibabad Jn01:38Haridwar Jn03:45Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
13009Doon ExpressNajibabad Jn03:05Haridwar Jn04:35Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
15005Gkp Ddn ExpressNajibabad Jn10:07Haridwar Jn11:45N N N N Y N Y
14119Kgm Ddn ExpressNajibabad Jn01:10Haridwar Jn02:45Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
15001Mfp Ddn ExpNajibabad Jn10:12Haridwar Jn11:45N N Y N N N N
14041Mussoorie ExpNajibabad Jn04:15Haridwar Jn05:45Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
15034Rmr Hw ExpNajibabad Jn12:20Haridwar Jn14:25Y N N N Y N Y
14163Sangam ExpressNajibabad Jn09:25Haridwar Jn11:02Y Y Y Y Y Y Y