Nayandahalli To Palghat Town Trains

Following is the list of all trains running between Nayandahalli to Palghat Town Railway Stations:

TrainTrain NameOriginDepartureDestinationArrivalM TW TF S S
12677Ernakulam ExpBangalore Cy Jn06:15Palghat14:18Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
22608Ernakulam Sf ExBangalore Cy Jn18:45Palghat02:55N Y N N N N N
12684Ernakulam Sf ExBangalore Cy Jn18:45Palghat02:55N N Y N Y N N
16526Kanyakumari ExpBangalore Cy Jn20:00Palghat04:30Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
16561Kochuveli AcexYesvantpur Jn15:20Palghat00:02N N N N Y N N
12777Kochuveli ExpYesvantpur Jn15:20Palghat23:35N N N Y N N N
16315Kochuveli ExpBangalore Cy Jn17:15Palghat01:35Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
12257Kochuveli GrYesvantpur Jn21:00Palghat05:30Y N Y N Y N N
16565MangaloreexpYesvantpur Jn23:55Palghat10:35Y N N N N N N
16331Trivandram ExpKrishnarajapurm10:30Palghat20:15N N Y N N N N
16321Trivandrum ExpBangalore Cy Jn17:15Palghat01:50N N N N Y N N
16527Ypr Cannanore EYesvantpur Jn20:00Palghat04:50Y Y Y Y Y Y Y