Palanpur Jn To Udhna Jn Trains

Following is the list of all trains running between Palanpur Jn to Udhna Jn Railway Stations:

TrainTrain NameOriginDepartureDestinationArrivalM TW TF S S
12990Aii Ddr ExpresPalanpur Jn01:53Surat08:50N Y N N Y N Y
16209Aii Mys ExpressPalanpur Jn11:50Surat19:05Y N N N N Y N
18422Aii Puri ExpPalanpur Jn23:15Surat06:37N N Y N N Y N
19708Aravali ExpressPalanpur Jn18:20Surat02:17Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
16507Bgkt SbcexpPalanpur Jn11:50Surat19:05N N N N Y N Y
11089Bgktpune ExpresPalanpur Jn11:50Surat20:10N N Y N N N N
12960Bhuj Dadar ExpPalanpur Jn01:32Surat08:15N N Y N N Y N
22473Bkn Bdts Sf ExpPalanpur Jn01:53Surat08:50N N Y N N N N
22475Bkn Cbe Ac S FPalanpur Jn16:58Surat00:01N N N N Y N N
12489Bkn Ddr Sf ExpPalanpur Jn01:15Surat08:15Y N N Y N N N
16311Bkn Kcvl ExpresPalanpur Jn07:47Surat15:35N N N Y N N N
17038Bkn Sc ExpPalanpur Jn03:22Surat10:40N Y N N N N Y
14806Bme Ypr Ac ExpPalanpur Jn10:27Surat18:30N N N N N Y N
22452Cdg Bdts Sf ExpPalanpur Jn22:15Surat04:58Y N N Y N N N
19030Dee Bdts ExpPalanpur Jn05:55Surat13:17N N N N N Y N
12215Dee Bdts G RathPalanpur Jn22:15Surat04:45N Y Y N Y N Y
22916Hsr Bdts S F ExPalanpur Jn05:55Surat13:17N N N Y N N N
22932Jsm Bdts SfPalanpur Jn05:55Surat13:45Y N N N N N N
19056Ju Bl ExpressPalanpur Jn23:15Surat08:15N N N Y N N N
16126Ju Ms ExpressPalanpur Jn03:22Surat10:40N N Y N N N N
14707Ranakpur ExpresPalanpur Jn21:33Surat04:37Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
16531Sbc Garib NawajPalanpur Jn11:50Surat19:05N Y N N N N N
12479Surya Nagri ExpPalanpur Jn00:53Surat07:30Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
19028Vivek ExpressPalanpur Jn10:27Surat18:30N N Y N N N N