Udupi To Delhi Trains

Following is the list of all trains running between Udupi to Delhi Railway Stations:

TrainTrain NameOriginDepartureDestinationArrivalM TW TF S S
12483Amritsar ExpUdupi21:46H Nizamuddin10:40N N N Y N N N
12287Dehradun ExpUdupi21:46H Nizamuddin10:40N N N N N Y N
12617Mangala LdweepUdupi23:06H Nizamuddin13:15Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
22633Nizamuddin ExpUdupi04:02H Nizamuddin14:15N N N N Y N N
12431Rajdhani ExpUdupi06:50H Nizamuddin12:40N N N Y N Y Y
12217Sampark KranthiUdupi21:46H Nizamuddin10:40N Y N N N N Y